The Brilliance Behind Sleep Apnea Cures

One of the most effective sleep apnea cures isn't wearing a bulky mask or getting an uncomfortable pillow with a gap in the middle. You don't have to take medicine, you don't have to shop for herbs and you do not need to drink any special tea before bedtime. Scientists have noted that the most effective sleep apnea cure is to simply lose some weight.

The most frequent sufferers from sleep apnea are obese men and in scientific studies there was a 50 per cent reduction in sleep apnea episodes in obese men who lost and average of forty two pounds for the entire duration of the study.

Sleep apnea is a common disease in overweight people, especially overweight men. It is a disorder that affects the breathing when an airway is blocked or collapsed and most people that suffer from sleep apnea have to use some kind of uncomfortable device to make sure their airways stay open throughout the night-either an uncomfortable pillow, a tennins ball sewn into the back of their pajamas that prevents them from sleeping on their back, or a breathing apparatus called a CPAP, a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure mask.

Scientists point to the fact that there's virtually no reported cases of sleep apnea in developing countries whose people eat a low calorie diet as additional proof that one of the more effective sleep apnea cures is weight loss.

But, we all know that losing an extreme amount of weight is tough, even under the best possible conditions. And when you are tired and worn out already because of lack of adequate sleep, it is even tougher to try to shop for and prepare nourishing meals. It's simply easier to reach for a fast fix of junk food. Therefore it's often necessary, especially for somebody suffering from sleep apnea, to consult a doctor for a healthy weight loss plan and possibly some sort of supplement to assist with the process.

Treatment of Sleep Apnea is must and ought to be cured immediately after being noticed. One major cause of Sleep Apnea is over weight. So you should try to loose weight that may assist you with proper breathing and curing this disorder.

Start sleeping on each side of your body. Sleeping on the back constitutes more than half of the cases. If you're suffering from sleeping apnea you need to sleep on the each side of your body. This though seems easy but has worked very well for a bunch of people.

A complete lifestyle change may become necessary to maintain a healthy body weight. Doctors suggest having a look at how much time you put in at work and how long your commute is. And stress is likewise a known contributor to weight gain. Relieving some of the stresses of your daily life may be necessary to keep a healthy body weight.

Although losing weight is among the most effective sleep apnea cures, it also has quite a number of other health benefits. Maintaining a healthy body weight can reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and even reduces the chance of catching colds and flu. Maintaining a healthy body weight isn't only one of the most beautiful sleep apnea cures, it's also the single most significant thing you will be done to improve your health. Now would you rather look better, feel better, and sleep better by losing a little weight or would you rather have to go to bed each night with a tennis ball sewn into the back of your pajamas and a mask over your face? Losing weight is the more effective, beneficial, and comfortable of all the sleep apnea cures.

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