Natural Depression Cures Realities


If you have been diagnosed with depression, you are probably wondering about all the ways that can get rid of it so that you will be able to get rid of it. Natural cures for depression are a few of the easiest and healthiest ways to treat depression and its symptoms. Natural cures can mean anything from lifestyle changes to a wide variety of herbs and supplements that you will be able take. Having depression is absolutely no fun but before you are able to start treatment, you need to find out what is causing your symptoms. Significant changes in your life (killing of a loved one), an illness or disease, stress from work or a relationship, can all be causes for depression. Write down all the things that could be currently contributing to your depression. If there are no obvious depression contributors and you appear to be depressed for nothing, you may wish to see a psychologist to help find the cause. Once you have found the root of your depression, the first stage of a cure is to eliminate or reduce that negative factor from your life. If a death is the reason for your depression symptoms, you cannot stop those types of depression feelings and its best to just let time pass and you'll eventually feel better. If work is causing excess stress, you can either take a vacation for a week to escape it all, or in the event that the work environment is unhealthy; you may wish to consider a different job. Once you have taken some action to what is causing your depression, you should start using various natural cures for treatment. One of the first, and easiest, cure for depression is exercise. While I know it is not always the most fun thing in the world. However, exercise on a daily basis can really make you feel better. Grab some of your favorite music, and choose an exercise activity that interests you. There is absolutely no reason for you should have to run if you do not like to run. For example, if you really like nature, why do not you go on a walk at a local park or if you live by mountains, hike, and watch the natural plant and wild life. Or, if you like sports, grab a basketball and shoot some hoops, either by yourself or with some friends. Exercise should become one of your best friends while curing your depression naturally. You should talk out your depression with someone you know and trust. Whether its your mom or dad, best friend from school, or a coworker that cares for you, talk to them about your problems. Vocalizing and forming words attached to your feelings help you see your depression for what it's like and helps put it into perspective. Not only you can take your 'feelings' especially if they're usually repressed out of your system, but the person you are telling can help give input and maybe give you an extra spark of perspective.

Morita method:This is an approach that may become the most natural of all. It originated in Japan, and it is perfect for patients who suffer from obsessive disorders and anxiety, but it helps with depression also. Morita therapy tries to teach the patient regarding the nature of his disease. It is a very rigorous regimewhich lasts for one or two months and has four levels. During the first phase the patient needs to stay lying in bed for 10 days. It isn't allowed to talk or to watch television. However, of course they're allowed use the toilet and eat. The doctor doesn't talk with them but he takes notes. The only obligation the patient has is to write about his feelings once a day. During the second phase, they can stand up from the bed and walk a little through the garden and yard, they can even talk to others, but not about their illness. Then they transit to the third stage which consists of some hard work and lasts for one-two weeks. Then the phase of rehabilitation takes place and they begin to reintegrate into society and their workplace. It is felt that this method is completely in harmony with nature and it's really very successful.

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